(Tebt; AD42) 0100 020 121


1 o9mologei= {omologi}4 Qah=siv Patu/nio(v) w(v (e0tw~n) 40 o(u0lh_) a)nti/x(eiri) de(ciw~|) meta_ kuri/o(u) tou= e9auth=(v) o9mopatr(i/ou) kai\ o9momh(tri/ou)

|a)de(lfou=) Sarapi/wno(v) w(v (e0tw~n) 44 o(u0lh_) u9po_ mh=(lon) de(cio_n) kai\ gena&menov au0th=v a)nh_r Peqeu=v Pelw&eiv w(v (e0tw~n) 43 o(u0lh_)

|a)ntik(nhmi/w|) de(ciw~|) a)pe/x(ein) par) au0tou= paraxrh=ma dia_ xeiro_v {xirov}4 e0c oi1kou a)rg(uri/ou) (draxma_v) 540 kai\ a)pe/x(ein) th_n

|fernh_(n) h4n o1feilen {ofilen}4

kai\ ta_ para&ferna kai\ ou0qe\n e0nkal(ei=n). ta_ a1ll) a)kolou/qwv {aklouqwv}4.




Text abbreviations:

c 10 - a gap of about 10 letters

vestig - a gap of uncertain length

{ }4 - a non-standard spelling used in the text, following the corrected spelling.

{ }5 - an original form which was changed by the scribe, following the changed form

{ }6 - a reading which is later corrected in this work, following the corrected reading

{ }7 - a reading which is later corrected in another work, following the corrected reading

{ }9 - an alternative version found in a duplicate of the text, following the version in this text



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