(Dura; AD254)

32 int

1 m2 [e1touv 5]6?5?, mh?no_v Ca?[n]qikou= e?i0kasena&?[th| ..]e?r?ai?ko?[.4 a)posta&si]on Ma&?r?k?[o]u 0Iouli/ou [0Antio&xo]u [s]tr?[a(tiw&tou) l]eg?(ew~nov) 4? S?k?uq(ikh=v)

[.6]u?l?.us?t?er( ) kai\ 0Ami/mm[h]v 0Onou?k?..[.5 th=v gunaiko_v au0]t?o?u=.


3 m1 e0p?i\? u9?p?[a&]twn? t?[w~]n kur[i/]w?n h9m?w~?n Au0t?o[kra]t?o&?[rw]n? O[u0aleria]n?[o]u=? 2 kai\ Gallihnou= Seba[s]tw~[n, pro_]

du/o 2 Kalandw~n [M]aei/wn [..]t?[.]ev.[ c 14 ]... p?[e/]m?ptou 56?0? e1touv, e0n Kolwnei/a| Eu0rw?p?[ai/wn Seleu/kou]

5 Neik?a&?t?o?r?o?v? [t]h=| i9era~| [kai\] a)?[su/]l?w| kai\ a?[u0]t?ono&m[w|. 0Iou/liov 0Anti/oxov str]a?[ti]w&?thv? t?h=?v? e0nqa&[d]e ou0ec[i]llati/[wnov leg(ew~nov) 4]

S?k?u?[qikh=]v? [Ou0alerianh=v Gal]l?ihnh=v, (e9katontarxi/av) 0Al?e?c?[a&nd]rou, kai\ Au0rhli/a [0A]m?i/?m?m?a? [.]n?[.6 D]o?u?[r]h?n?[h&, h9 gunh_]

au0tou=, epipr?.o?ra?xeosa?.eosxron[..]a?.[ c 9 ].h...a?. [..]ocendeeixost?..i?onm.a?c.k?[ c 10 ]

[.]ai kai\ a)pal[l]a?g?h=nai t?[h=]v? pro_v [a)]llh&lw[n ko]i?n?obiw&sew[v k]a[i\ nu=n e0]c?o?mologou=ntai a)llh&lo?[i]v? [o9 me\n 0Anti/oxov]

th=| 0Ami/mma| [pa]r?e?s?xhk[e/na]i? pa&[nta o3sa par]a_ au0th=?v? diakatei=xon {diak[a]teixwn}4 a)po_ mikrou= {meikr?ou}4 e3wv? m?[e]g?[a&lou .6]

10 lu. au0?t?h=?v? t?h=v? p[ro_v 0An]t?i/?[o]x?on koi[n]obiw&[se]w?v? k?a?i\? s?u?n?t?r?e?i?n? [au0t]h=| e9?[te/rw|] a)nd?r?i\? [s]u?n?all?[a&]cai kai\ mh&t[e e0nkalei=n]

[mh&te e0nk]a?l?[e/sei]n? t?h=| 0Ami/mm?a| m?h&te? p?e?r?i\? e0n?g?ra&ptou h2 [a)gr]a&?fou? m?h&?t?[e per]i\? [a1]l?[lou] t?i?n?o_?[v a(plw~v]

to_ [s]u/nol[o]n kata_ mhde/na tr[o&]pon .[.]ef[ c 8 ].... d?e\? [kai\] o9moi/wv kai\ h9? 0A?mi/mm?a?... [tw~| 0Anti/oxw|]

mh_ e0nkalei=n mh&te e0n?k?ale/sei[n] a)lla_ a)[p]e?[s]x?h?ke/?n?ai par) a?u0?t?[ou= pa&]n?t?a o3?s?a au0th=v diak[atei=xen o9 0Anti/oxov kai\]

m?h_? e0n[kalei=n ? ..].[.4].h e0[n]k?[a]le/sein? n?[u=]n? mh&te peri\ e0ngra&pt?ou h2 a)gra&fou mh&te? [peri\ a1llou tino_v]

15 a(plw~v to_ s[u/]nolon k?a?ta_? mhd?e/?n?a? tr?o&?p?[on. e0a_n de\ mh_ y 2 ] et?imh?.e?.i?losd.p? au0tw~n, e0mpoihq[ei\v de/ tiv e0knikh&]-

sh|, t?h_n? m?e\?n e0m?[p]o?i/?[h]s?in h2 to_ e1?nkl?hma ei]?nai a1kuron ka[i\ pro]s?ap?[ot]e?[i/sei]n? a)?[ne]u\? l[o&]go?[u kai\ kri/sewv]

[tw~| me\]n? [e9t]e/?[rw| e0pi/]t?i?m?on a)rg?u?ri/o?u? d?h?na&?[r]ia xi/lia {x?[e]i?l?ia}4 1000 kai\ tw~| i9?[er]wta&tw| t?a?m?[iei/w| ta_ i1sa kai\ to_ a)po]-

st?a&?s?i?o?[n to]u=to ei]nai kai\ ou3twv? k?u/r[io]n?, [ c 7 ]..a?i?e?f?i?v? [.]. w(v pi/stewv e0p[erwthqei/shv kai\ o9]-

mologoume/nhv. e1xe?i? de\ kai\ a)n?t?isu/ngrafon. vac

20 m3 0I[o]u/?lio?v? [0An]t?[i/o]xov [str]a(tiw&thv),

o9 pr?o?[g]egram?m?[e/]nov, o9mologw~ pepoihke/nai {pepoikaine}4 to_ a)?p[o]s?t?a&[sion a)kolou/]-

qwv toi=v progegramme/noiv ..[ c ? ] vac

m4 Au0rh&?l?iov O?u0?[al]e?[nt]e?i=?n?ov 0An?twni/nou, D?ourh?no&v, a)ciw[qei/v, e1]g?r?a?y?[a u9pe\r 0Amimmhv]

[0Ono]uk.[.]sou, a)g[ram]ma&tou, o9mologou/shv pepoihke/n[ai ...].ta u9posta&si[on.]

ext,v 1 m5 [P]atr[okl]e?iano&?[v] stra(tiw&thv).

m6 [0A]bbo?u=?i?v? 0Ab[...]ei..iei?o? m(a)r(turw~).

m7IS1uS1l(ius) SyS1rS1...be...gal [si]gS1nS1awi.

m8 0Ask[l]hpi[o&]dot[ov 0A]qhnodw&r[ou] boul(euth_v) m(a)r(turw~).

5 m9 [y ?]



Text abbreviations:

c 10 - a gap of about 10 letters

vestig - a gap of uncertain length

{ }4 - a non-standard spelling used in the text, following the corrected spelling.

{ }5 - an original form which was changed by the scribe, following the changed form

{ }6 - a reading which is later corrected in this work, following the corrected reading

{ }7 - a reading which is later corrected in another work, following the corrected reading

{ }9 - an alternative version found in a duplicate of the text, following the version in this text



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