(?; Ispc)


1 [.5]gra.[.]i moi w..o kaqo&ti dhlw&sw {dhlwswi}4

[.6]....[ c ?] dia_ tw~n grafw~n th=v fer-

[nh=v ..] a)rgur[i/o]u draxmw~n xili/wn 1000

[.5].[ c ?].h de\ to&te [d]o&casa a)dikhqh=-

5 [nai kate/lus]e th_n pol[u]xro&nion sum-

b[i/wsin] koino_n gegono&ta h9mi=n {hmein}4 tw~n

te/[kn]w[n .]n 3W[r]ou kai\ Eu0bou/lou kai\ Didu/mou

si[.4]wn..[..]. a)llo&tria fronh&sav ou0de\n

h9[mi=n th=v] tr[of]h=v e0pex[o]rh&ghsen w3ste

10 me toi=v a)nagkai/o[i]v kaqu[st]erei=n a)peklei-

.......ed..h.iv th_n oi0ki/an ei0so&do?u? e0n

[.6].. peribola&dion parakatasxw_n

k[ c ?].mon dio_ a)poleloipui=a tou=ton kai\

[ c ?].auto poioume/nh kai\ ta_ kate-

15 [ c ?]..[ c ?]usa w(v e0a_n ai9rw~mai kai\ a)ph-

[ c ?].w. kai\ im.[.4]ou mhnw~n e4c 6

[ c ?]xe..ou...[ c ?]aiai kai\ ac.

[ c ?].exein e.......pro

[ c ?]v kai\ meta?dou=nai tw~|

20 [e0pa&r]xwi ? t[o_] a)nti/grafon i3n) ei0dh=| to_ {ton}4

x[eiro&]grafon sugxwro<u=>n {[s]ugxwron}4 me/nein ku/rion

w.[...] kai\ ei0? m?h_? a)pe/dwke/ moi ta_ trofei=a

k[ai\ to_n] i9m[atismo_]n kai\ [ta_ a1]lla a4 e1xe[i mo]u

w([v pro&]keitai [t]oi=v de\ te/knoiv e0pa&nagkon

25 e0[pixo]rhgei=n au0to_n ta& te trofei=a kai\ to_n

i9m[ati]smo_n o4n? t?r?o&?p?o?n? e0?p?[i]ba&llei e1th


Text abbreviations:

c 10 - a gap of about 10 letters

vestig - a gap of uncertain length

{ }4 - a non-standard spelling used in the text, following the corrected spelling.

{ }5 - an original form which was changed by the scribe, following the changed form

{ }6 - a reading which is later corrected in this work, following the corrected reading

{ }7 - a reading which is later corrected in another work, following the corrected reading

{ }9 - an alternative version found in a duplicate of the text, following the version in this text



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