(Arsnome; 232/231BC)


97 [Dionuso&dwrov] Dionusodw&rou Makedw_n th=v e0pi-

[gonh=v o9mol]o?gei= e1xein para_ Swstra&thv th=v Sw&sou

3 [Persi/nhv me]t?a_? kuri/ou tou= au0th=v pat?r?o_?v? Sw&sou

[tou= c 7 ] P?e/?rs?ou th=v e0pigonh=v ei0?v? fern?h_?n?

5 [au0th=v Sws]tra&thv ei0v xalkou= (draxma_v) xili/av 1000. qe/sqw

[de\ Dionuso&d]w?rov Swstra&thi sug?g?rafh_n sun-

[oikesi/ou ei0v t]o_? d?hmo&sion e0n h9me/raiv de/ka? 10 a)?f?) h[v

[a@n au0tw~i pr]o?ei/phi Swstra&th. to_ d) a)nh&lwm?a th=v

[tou= sunoikesi/]ou suggrafh=v do&twsan koinh=i.

105a [ c ? ]...... Dionusodwro. Makedw_n th=v e0pigonh=v.

[su]ggrafofu/lac 0Agi/av Kalli/ppou Pisi/dhv th=v



[h]n Dionu]s?o&?d?wrov w(v (e0tw~n) 20 me/sov mela&gxrwv makropr(o&swpov)

[ c ? ].

110 #26

[Swstra&th w(v (e0tw~n) ..] me/sh? [.5]...[.5o]pr(o&swpov)

[ c ? ]a? [ c ? ]

Text abbreviations:

c 10 - a gap of about 10 letters

vestig - a gap of uncertain length

{ }4 - a non-standard spelling used in the text, following the corrected spelling.

{ }5 - an original form which was changed by the scribe, following the changed form

{ }6 - a reading which is later corrected in this work, following the corrected reading

{ }7 - a reading which is later corrected in another work, following the corrected reading

{ }9 - an alternative version found in a duplicate of the text, following the version in this text



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