(Kalliphanous; 231BC)


348 [0An]t?i/?go?no[v] 0A?l?eca&ndrou? Q?r?a~ic? th=v e0?p?i?gonh=v

o9mologe?i=? 9H?r?akle?i/ai Dh?m?h?t?r?i/?o?u Karusti/ai

350 meta_ k?u?r?i/?o?u [0E]p?ikra&touv tou= Dhmhtri/-

o?u Pe/rsou th=?v? e0?p?i?g?o?n?h=?v? e1xein fernh_n

[a]u0th=?v? 9H?r?a?klei/a?v? x?a?l?k?o?u=? (draxma_v) pentakosi/av

[pe/nte 505. q]e/?s?q?w? d?) 0A?n?t?i/?gonov 9Hraklei/ai sug-

grafh_?n? s?unoikesi/ou ei0?v? t?o_ dhmo&s?ion

355 a)f) h[v a@n h9me/rav proei/phi au0tw~?i 9Hra&kleia e0n

h9me/raiv de/ka 10. ta_ d) e0so&mena a)nhlw&mata

ei0v th_n t?o?u=? s?u?n?[o]i?k?e?s?i/?o?u? s?u?g?grafh_n dw&sou-

sin koinh=i. s?u?g?g?rafof?[u/l]a?c Ptolemai=ov Po-

seidwni/ou Kappa&doc? t?h=v e0pigonh=v.

360 #26

h]n 0Anti/gonov w([v (e0tw~n)] .. me/sov m?el?i/?xr(wv) mak?r?opr(o&swpov)

e0pi/grupov prok[e/]f?alov.


9H[r]a&?k?l?e?i?a w(v (e0tw~n) 25 m[e/]s?h? meli/xr(wv) stro?[gg]ul?opr(o&swpov) e1nsimov.


[[M?[e]n?e]] [0E]pik[r]a&thv w(v (e0tw~n) 24 me/sov meli/xr(wv) stroggulopr(o&swpov)


365 #26

P?t?[ole]m?a?i=?o?v? w(v (e0tw~n) .. eu0mege/qh?v mela&gxr(wv)

[str]o?g?g?u?lopr(o&swpov) e1?ns[i]m?ov klasto&qric.


[e0g]r?a&fh (e1touv) 16 9Up[er]b?e?r?e?tai/ou.


Text abbreviations:

c 10 - a gap of about 10 letters

vestig - a gap of uncertain length

{ }4 - a non-standard spelling used in the text, following the corrected spelling.

{ }5 - an original form which was changed by the scribe, following the changed form

{ }6 - a reading which is later corrected in this work, following the corrected reading

{ }7 - a reading which is later corrected in another work, following the corrected reading

{ }9 - an alternative version found in a duplicate of the text, following the version in this text



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