(Alex; 13BC)


1 ko&l(lhma)


pa[r]a_ [Dionu]s?i/?a?v? th=v Dionusi/ou a)sth=(v) meta_ k(uri/ou) E?u?...s?i?o?n?o?v? tou= vac

k?a?i\? [para_ 0Ammwni/ou tou= Dionu]si/(ou) 0Alecandre/(wv).

(Alex; 13BC)

0001 004 1101

4 |e0pei\ suno&?n?t?ev e9?a?[ut]o?i=v

5 e1?t?[h ...] e0?x?w?r?i/?s?q?h?m?e?n? a)p) a)llh&(lwn), ta_ de\ nu=n ei0v to_(n) au0to_(n) ka?t?h?n?-

thk?e/?n?a?i? bi/o(n) sunxwrou=men e0pi\ toi=sde w3st) e0pei\ ei1lhfen

[o9 0Am]mw&ni?o?v? para_ th=(v) Dionusi/a(v) dia_ x(eiro_v) e0c oi1k(ou) fernh_n i9ma&tia gunaik(ei=a) kai\ e0nwti/w(n)

x?r?u?v?(w~n) z?e?u=?g?o?v? {z?e?u/?g?h?}7 t?e?t?a&?r?t?w?n? du/o 2 kai\ ye/lia a)rgura~ d?e/?k?a? 10 timh=v {teimhv}4 (draxmw~n) 4000

k?[ai\ e0pi/sh]m?o(n) ? {k?[.6]t?o( )}7 ta_ de\ p?a&?n?t?a? ei0v lo&go(n) a)rgu(ri/ou) (draxmw~n) diakosi/wn 200, a)po_ tou= nu=n

10 t?o_?n? 0A?m?m?w&?n?i?o?n? xorh(gei=n) au0to_(n) th=| Dionusi/(ai) ta_ de/onta pa&nta kai\ to_n i9mativ(mo_n) {eimativ}4

[w(v] g?u?n?a?i?(ki\) g?a?m?e?t?h=|? kata_ d(u/namin) tw~n u9parx(o&ntwn) kai\ mh_ kakouxei=n au0(th_n) mhde\ e0gba&l(lein)

m?h?(de\) u9?b?r?(i/zein) mhd(e\) <a1llhn> gunai=ka e0peisa&gein h2 e0kti/n(ein) th_n fernh_(n) su\n h9(mioli/ai)

t?h=?(v) p?r?a&?c?(ewv) g?e?i?n?o?(me/nhv) th=| Dio(nusi/ai) e1k te au0tou= 0Ammw(ni/ou) kai\ e0k tw~n u9parx(o&ntwn) au0(tou=) pa&ntwn

kaq(a&per) e0?k? di/k(hv), kai\ th_n de\ Dionusi/(an) sunthre(i=n) ta_ pro_v to_n a1ndr(a) kai\ to_(n)

15 k?[oino_n] bi/o(n) di/kaia mh&te a)po&k(oiton) mhd) a)fh&mero(n) gei/ne(sqai) a)po_ th=(v) oi0k(i/av)

a1neu th=v 0A?m?m?w?(ni/ou) gnw&(mhv) mhde\ fq(ei/rein) mhde\ katabl(a&ptein) t?o_?n? koin(o_n)

o?i]?k?o?n ... mhd?) a1ll(wi) a)ndri\ sunei=nai h2 kai\ au0th_(n) tou/twn <ti> diapracame/(nhn)

k?r?i?q(ei=san) ste/resqai tou= ferna(ri/ou) xwri\v tou= to_n parab(ai/nonta) e0ne/?x?(esqai) tw~| w(r(isme/nw|) prost[i/]m?(wi)

kai\ e0n h9me/r(aiv) de\ xrh(matizou/saiv) 5 a)f) h[v e0a_n a)llh&l(oiv) proei/pwm(en), qhso&meqa

20 kai\ d?i?a_? tw~n i9eroqutw~n t?o?u=? s?u?n?o?i?k?(isi/ou) s?u?g?g?r?a(fh_n) ........ k?a?i\? t?a_? k?a?q?h&?k?(onta)

kai\ to_ gegono_v h9mi=n {hmein}4 e0c a)l(lh&lwn) paidi/o(n) qh=lu w{| o1nom(a) 0Ammwna&rion

.[.4]ro?i?v d) ei0v to_ paidi/on w(v e0a_n e0pi\ tou= kairou= koinw~v kri/-

nwmen {kre?i?n?[w]men}4 ...... a)?c?i?o?u=?m?e?n? ? ...

(e1touv) 17 Kai/sarov Farmo(u=qi) 8 #329


Text abbreviations:

c 10 - a gap of about 10 letters

vestig - a gap of uncertain length

{ }4 - a non-standard spelling used in the text, following the corrected spelling.

{ }5 - an original form which was changed by the scribe, following the changed form

{ }6 - a reading which is later corrected in this work, following the corrected reading

{ }7 - a reading which is later corrected in another work, following the corrected reading

{ }9 - an alternative version found in a duplicate of the text, following the version in this text



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