(Alex; 30BC-AD14)

1100 msup

1 ..h 0Artemidwr( ) P?a?m?fi/l(ou)

20 ? vac (purou= a)rtab ) a)?pofe?r?o?m?e?(n )

....... q?u?g?a?t?..( ) Zwi\v apo...( )

ytr 1 [p]ara_ 0Ammwni/ou tou= 0Ammw?n?i/?o?u? 0A?l?q?a?i?e/?[wv kai\]

[t]h=v tou/tou gunaiko_v Seme/lhv th=v 0A?mm?[wni/]-

[ou a)]sth=v meta_ kuri/ou au0tou= 0Ammwni/ou

[k]ai\ para_ 0Artemidw&rou tou= 0Artem?[idw&rou]

5 0Alqaie/wv. peri\ w{n diesta&meqa sun-

xwrou=men pro_v a)llh&louv e0pi\ to?i=?s?d?e?

w3?s?t?) e0pei\ e0gde/dontai o3 te 0Ammw&nio[v]

[k]ai\ Seme/lh tw~| 0Artemidw&rw| {artemidwrou}4 t[h_n]

e9autw~n {e?a?twn}4 qugate/r?a 0Ammwna&rion [...]

10 te/leion {[t]elion}4 ou]sa<n> {o?u?sa}4 pro_v bi/ou koinwni/an [a)n]-

d?r?i\? kai\ prosenhnegme/nhn {prosenhnegme?n?o?i?}4 o?i[?a [e0n]

[f]ernh=| i9ma&tia kai\ xrusw&?tia kai\ e0?p?[i/]-

s?h?mon ta& te pa&nta ei0v lo&gon a)?r?g?u?(ri/ou)

[(draxmw~n)] triakosi/wn 300, a)po_ tou= nu=n to_<n> {to}4 0Arte-

15 mi/dwron a)pesxhko&ta dia_ xei[ro_v]

e0c oi1kou th_n prokeime/nhn f?[ernh_n]


a)po_ tou= nu=n x?orhgei=n th=| 0Ammw[nari/]-

w| ta_ de/onta pa&nta {ppa?n?t?a?}4 k?a?i\? to_n i9?m?a?-

tismo_n w(?v? gunaiki\ {g?u?n?h?}4 gamet?h=|? k?a?t?a_? d?u/?n?[min]

20 tw~n u9?p?a?r?x?o&?n?t?w?n? k?a?i\? m?h_? k?a?k?o?u?[xei=n]

m?h?d?e\? u9?b?r?i/?z?e?i?n? mhd) e0gba&llein m[hde\]

g?u?n?a?i=?ka e0peisa&gein {e?p?i?s?a?g?g?e?i?n?}4 .........

[m]h?d?e\? d?e?i=?s?q?a?i? tou= a)phgoreu[me/nou mhde\]

a)?di/khma ei0v au0th_n d?i?a?p?r?a&?[cesqai:]

25 e0?a_?n? d?e/? t?i? t?o?u/?t?w?n? parabai/?n?h|?

e0?k?t?i/?nein au0to_n th_n prokeime/n-

hn fernh_n th=v pra&cewv e0som-

e/nhv {ge?i?n?o?m?e/nhv}7 th=| 0Ammwnari/w| e1k te [au0tou=]

0Artemidw&rou kai\ e0k tw~n u9?-

30 parxo&ntwn au0tw~| pa&ntwn ka-

qa&per e0k {eg}4 di/khv: kata_ de\ t?o_?n? [au0to_n]

tro&pon mhde\ th=| 0Amm<wna>ri/w| {ammriw}4 e0[cei=nai]

[mh&]t) a)po&koiton m?h&?t?) a)?f?h&?m?e?[ron]

[gei/]nesqai a)po_ th=v 0Artemidw&r[ou]

35 [oi0ki/av] a1?n?e?u? t?h=?v? a?u0?t?o?[u= gnw&mhv]

vestig 9 lin


Text abbreviations:

c 10 - a gap of about 10 letters

vestig - a gap of uncertain length

{ }4 - a non-standard spelling used in the text, following the corrected spelling.

{ }5 - an original form which was changed by the scribe, following the changed form

{ }6 - a reading which is later corrected in this work, following the corrected reading

{ }7 - a reading which is later corrected in another work, following the corrected reading

{ }9 - an alternative version found in a duplicate of the text, following the version in this text



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