(Alex; 30BC-AD14)


1 [ c ? ]i tw~i e0pi\ tou= e0n th=i au0lh=i krithri/ou

vestig 5 lin

6 [ c ? ] p?r?o_?v? a)llh&lou[v]

[ c ? ] 0A?p?o?l?l?w?n?a&?r?ion [k]a?i\? T?r?u/?f?w?n?

[ c ? sunelhl]u/qasi a)llh&loiv

[ c ? o9] d?e\? 9I?e/?r?a?c? kai\ h9 0Isidw&ra

10 [ c ? ]...e?i? fernh_n a)r-

[guri/ou draxmw~n y ? ]...di..n.......

[ c ? ]...s?e?i?...sqai

[ c ? ]....te..n?h?n?

[ c ? ].. para& te tou= 9Ie/ra-

15 [kov kai\ th=v 0Isidw&rav] t?h_?n? prokeime/nhn fer-

[nh_n y ? ] vestig

vestig 4 lin

21 [ c ? mhd) a1l]lhn gunai=ka e0peisa&ge[in]

[ c ? mhde/ti] e?i0v au0th_n a)di/khma

[diapra&cesqai y ? ]

vestig 3 lin

27 [.6].... e0a_n de/ t[i tou/twn parabai/]-

[nh|, e0kti/n]e?i?n au0to_n par[axrh=ma th_n prokei]-

m?e/?n?h?n? fernh_n su\n h9m[ioli/ai th=v pra&cewv]

30 [gein]o?m?[e/]n?h?v? th=i 0Apollw[nari/wi e1k te au0]tou=

T?r?[u/fw]nov kai\ e0k tw~n u9[parxo&ntw]n au0-

tou= pa&ntwn kaqa&per e0k {eg}4 d[i/khv, th_]n de\

0A?p?o?l?l?w?n?a&?rion threi=n ta_ pro_v t?o_?n? a1ndr?a?

kai\ to_n koino_n bi/on di/kaia kai\ mh&te a)-

35 po&koiton mhd) a)fh&meron gi/nesqai a)p[o_]

th=v Tru/fwnov oi0ki/av a1neu th=v au0to(u=) g?n?[w&]-

mhv mhde\ fqei/rein {fqirein}4 mhde\ k?a?t?a?b?l?a&?p?t?e?i?n?

to_[n koi]no_n oi]kon mhd) a1llwi a)ndri\ sunei=-

na?i?: [e0a_n] de/ ti tou/twn e0pideixqh=| poiou=sa

40 k?[riqei=san] s?t?e/?resqai au0th_n th=v fernh=v.

k?a?i\? e0?n? h9?m?e/?r?[aiv] de\ xrhmatizou/saiv

p?e/?n?t?e? 5 a)?f?) h[?v e0[a_n a)ll]h&?l?oiv proei/pwsi q?h&?-

sesqai kai\ th_[n] d?i?) i9eroqutw~n suggrafh_[n]

w(v a@n e0pi\ to[u= ka]irou= koinw~v kri/nwsi. au0-

45 to&qen de\ p[ross]unxwrou=sin o3 te 9Ie/rac k[ai\]

0I?s?i?d?w&ra e0?p?i?d?[...]e?in th=i 0Apollwnari/w| m?a?

[...]eneisene[..].[.]shtwi kaq?o&?l?o?u? e?i]?n?a?i? e?c?

[...]a?r?ei?t?in pro_v tou\v a)delfou\v au0th=v a)?p?(o_)

[tw~]n? au0th=| u9?f?) 9Ie/rakov kai\ 0Isidw&rav a)polei-

50 [fq]h?some/nwn u9parxo&ntwn meta_ t?h_?n?

[au0]tw~n 9Ie/rakov kai\ 0Isidw&rav teleuth&n,

[to_]n de\ p?a?r?abai/nonta kai\ e0ne/xesqai

[tw~|] w(r[is]me/nw| prosti/mw|. a)?c?i?o?u=?(men).


Text abbreviations:

c 10 - a gap of about 10 letters

vestig - a gap of uncertain length

{ }4 - a non-standard spelling used in the text, following the corrected spelling.

{ }5 - an original form which was changed by the scribe, following the changed form

{ }6 - a reading which is later corrected in this work, following the corrected reading

{ }7 - a reading which is later corrected in another work, following the corrected reading

{ }9 - an alternative version found in a duplicate of the text, following the version in this text



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